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Hefeweizen • 5.4%


Format: 20L inox (type M)

Taxes et frais inclus: 252.48$/20L inox (type M)
Titulaires/CSP: 219.60$/20L inox (type M)
Disponibilité: EN INVENTAIRE
Réseau de distribution: Importation privée

À propos de la brasserie

Schneider Weisse (G. Schneider & Sohn) is a Bavarian brewery in Munich, Germany, founded in 1872. Funny fact, the brewery is not only family owned, it has belonged to a Georg Schneider for 6 generations with a Mathildian interlude: Georg Schneider I, II, III, ― Mathilde Schneider ― Georg Schneider IV, V then finally VI! We see that we are dealing with traditional people who, when they consider that a name like a beer is well made, why change it! Indeed, many of their wheat beers are made from centuries-old recipes, refined over time to make them stellar examples of their style.

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