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Pete’s Perfect Palo Santo Black Lager (collab. Pete’s Brewing)

An intense schwarzbier, a black German-style lager, aged on Palo Santo, a uniquely aromatic hardwood from South America. This special wood adds heavenly aromas and canonized flavors that some say will give a religious experience! • 11.9%


Format: 473ml (can.) • Units per box: 12

Taxes and fees included: $20.16/473ml (can.)
Holders/CSP: $17.54/473ml (can.)
Availability: ARRIVÉE MARS 2024
Distribution network: Private import

About the brewery

Okay, okay, Hoppin' Frog doesn't have the most attractive labels in the industry, far from it. But a brewery that has occupied a place in the top 100 breweries in the world every year since 2008, that has flagship beers recognized for their quality and their old-fashioned balance, that has managed to renew consumer interest for 15 years, a brewery like that is worth drinking and redrinking. This frog has proven itself.

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