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3 Fonteinen Golden Blend 21|22 blend 52

3 Fonteinen Golden Blend 21|22 blend 52

Geuze blend consisting of 1-, 2- and 5-year-old lambics from 3 breweries including 3F • 7%


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About the brewery

One of the World's best-known lambic producers, 3 Fonteinen always amazes with the complexity of their blends. First located in Beersel, Belgium, at the 3 Fonteinen Café, founded by Gaston Debelder and eventually taken over by his son Armand Debelder, production moved to Lot in 2015, while the café maintained its function as a restaurant. 3 Fonteinen has the particularity of being both a lambic brewer and a blender. The brewery's experiments in recent years with various fruits, malts and brewing methods make it one of the essentials of Pajottenland. 3 Fonteinen is currently working to replant Schaerbeek cherry trees in the region and to use local cereals as much as possible.

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